Originally Waldstein (Woodstone), the castle is a cradle of noble family Valdštejn. It is the oldest castle in the Bohemian Paradise region. It was founded in between years 1260 and 1280 by Markvartic family on three separated sandstone rocks and permanently settled to 16th century. In middle of 16th century the castle burnt down and was left in ruins. After suppressing of the religious reformations in 17th century gained the castle Albrecht from Valdštejn and in 1821 it bought Aehrental family. In time of Valdštejn family were built two stone bridges between moat and the first courtyard. The first of them was in years 1725-35 decorated by sandstone sculptures from workshop of Jelinek brothers. The Baroque church of st. John from Nepomuk originates from 1722. Aehrental family performed many further rebuildings for instance the inn beside of the castle.
Bridge to ValdštejnBridge to Valdštejn
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Chapel of St. John from NepomukChapel of St. John from Nepomuk
Chapel of St. John from Nepomuk
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